A few words about us ...

Anneli Påmark & Carl Österberg freed themselves from the 3D matrix, ten years ago, when they left their successful executive careers behind, and founded the company Human Awareness, to serve mankind in the great awakening. 

They are the authors of the Swedish best-selling book ”Refuse to Follow the Leader – All the Way to Health, Success and Happiness”, and will soon launch their next book which is about how to create truly magical love relationships. It contains unique spiritual knowledge that has never before been available on this planet.

Anneli’s and Carl’s expertise is in leadership, relationships, ego busting and emotional awareness, and their teachings come from previous life experiences together, in highly developed societies, where a much more conscious way of life is normal, very far from what is considered normal on the planet Earth. That is why the Human Awareness methodology is so powerful and creates such profound and life-altering results. It is also supported by the latest research in personal development and psychology as well as traditional leadership. 

Human Awareness offers, live and online, life-changing courses and coaching, and also educates coaches and group leaders. 

Anneli & Carl passionately empower people to create a happy life by making the transition to becoming the new humans on earth, to live their lives to the fullest in joy and harmony. 

Anneli Påmark

Anneli-600w-900h.jpgAfter having completed my engineering degree, it didn't take long before I realized that people are my great passion. I have been working as a leader since the age of 28 when, as a newly hired manager, I was part of a management team for the first time. Since then, my career has continued through various managerial and project management services in a number of companies and industries. I also had a family with two amazing sons and everything in my life was perfect. 

This is one way to describe me. Another description, which is equally true, is that for parts of my life I have not felt so great – on the contrary, actually, I have periodically been quite bad. I have compensated for this by being successful externally.

I am a highly sensitive person who has full marks in all criteria for HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), so the world was strange to me, because I could feel other people's emotions, and it became a big conflict in me when people around me said a completely different thing than what I captured emotionally and intuitively. I was absolutely convinced that it was me that was wrong. Today, my sensitivity is one of my greatest gifts, which I use in my job as an author, course leader and coach, but at the time it was just confusing.

At the age of sixteen, I had a spiritual awakening which made me see the world in a new light. I gained access to a higher awareness of how everything is connected and of the evolutionary process that humanity is heading into. I could also see how much of what is happening on this planet is really not "normal", but just the opposite. This knowledge is an important foundation for everything I stand for.

In parallel to my regular job, I have spent the last 25 years studying and educating myself in what keeps people healthy, strong and happy. Through various forms of personal development I have found more of myself, grown as a person and become a better leader.

But it wasn't until I developed my heart intelligence and started applying this to my own life, that I was able to make the really big changes. Today I live my dream life. A harmonious life without worry and anxiety, and without work, exercise, food and sugar abuse (I don't eat sugar at all anymore).

I have always longed for such a life but did not even think in my wildest imagination that it could be possible, at least not for me. I am now mostly calm and present and often feel in love with myself, others and life. I love to feel all the emotions and use them as a guide in life, not least to make decisions, and in addition, the emotions make me feel alive, powerful and inspired. Of course, I can be both frustrated, angry and sad, but since I now appreciate and allow myself to feel these feelings, they are quickly transient.

I have many like-minded people around me and am grateful for all the little and great miracles that are everywhere. Best of all, I see life as an exciting journey, and for each passing year, I feel ever-increasing energy, enthusiasm and joy, and I know this is available to you too!

The connection between body and soul and the enormous potential of people is what fascinates me the most, and I feel a great happiness and humility to be part of people's paths to becoming more of who they really are and to understand and see their greatness.

Anneli Påmark


  • More than 25 years of experience in personal development.
  • Spiritual guiding.
  • Extensive experience and knowledge of individual and group dynamics.
  • Worked as a health coach in health and nutrition.
  • More than 20 years of experience as manager and project leader with focus on leadership, coaching, communication and change.
  • Participation in management groups in different industries.
  • International work with Asia, Latin America, South America, the US and Europe, among others.


  • Heart IQ™ Academy – Certified Mastery Facilitator, Coach and team leader according to the Heart IQ™ method, 3-year training, trained to the highest level.
  • CoachCompanion – Diploma in ICF coaching.
  • Reference Point Therapy™ - Certified therapist.
  • Leadership and management training – A large number of traditional courses…
  • Civil engineer in chemical engineering with a focus on food/nutrition.
  • Post-secondary economics.
  • Mullingstorp – Meet yourself, steps 1 & 2 – Training in advanced self-knowledge.
  • Studies in conversation pedagogy based on Voice Dialogue.
  • Many years of practical application of The Work by Byron Katie®.

Carl Österberg

Carl-599w-874h.jpgTen years ago, I worked at a higher managerial position. In most people's eyes, my life was desirable or even perfect. But even though I was "successful" I was not completely "happy". Many people talk about piecing together your life puzzle and refer to different models and theories to find a balance between work, leisure, family and friends, etc. For me, this was not enough. I felt that life must have more to offer than that and that everyone is actually entitled to this, no matter how impossible it seemed.

In hindsight, I understand that this life crisis did not come as suddenly as it seemed back then. For a long time I had been switched off from my feelings and struggled to keep it together, and I was not at all aware of what was going on because I convinced myself that everything was just as it should!

To undergo a drastic change in life is among the most difficult and painful experience there is and at the same time it is absolutely necessary. When the small changes, which "should" have happened a long time ago, have happened for too long, the pressure becomes too much and the famous "ketchup effect" happens. All you can do is just to follow the flow, as to fight against it is fruitless and can even be harmful. A smoother alternative is to constantly develop and "follow the bread crumbs" that show the way forward. That's how I live today and that's how I will live for the rest of my life.

It is only by becoming more aware and present that we can fully understand and appreciate life. Yet, very few people live that way. Most people run with the blinders on and chase after external happiness. Imagine when more people understand that there is another way!

Carl Österberg

Once we have found the formula for putting together our “life puzzle”, there are no longer any alternatives! Nowadays I gain fantastic benefits from my experiences because, together with Anneli, I share with others who want to develop themselves, and this is a pure gift! I am now working as a writer, lecturer, course leader, consultant and coach in both leadership development and personal development.


  • A total of 12 years as manager and participation in 7 different management groups.
  • Extensive experience in business development, relationship marketing, project management, product development and innovation methodology.
  • More than 20 years of professional experience from eight different companies in various industries, ranging from service companies in both the private and public sectors to heavy industry, production and development.
  • Strong focus on leadership, coaching and organizational development.
  • Extensive experience and knowledge of individual and group dynamics.
  • Many years of intensive study of methods and tools for personal development with a focus on communication, relationships, increased presence and higher awareness.


  • Heart IQ™ Academy – Certified Mastery Facilitator, Coach and team leader according to the Heart IQ™ method, 3-year training, trained to the highest level.
  • Leadership and management training – A large number of traditional ones…
  • Reference Point Therapy™ - Certified therapist.
  • Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection® - Certified according to levels 1-3.
  • Civil Engineering in Technical Physics & Electrical Engineering, with specialization in medical technology.
  • Mullingstorp – Meet yourself – Education in advanced self-knowledge.
  • The Monroe Institute – Accredited supervisor for "Outreach" training and local representative in Sweden.