Coaching & Group Activities

By our diploma coaches

We offer professional coaching through our graduated coaches. They will help you take powerful steps forward, and work with individuals and couples.


Coaching – like having your own PT – a personal trainer – for YOUR LIFE!

Coaching is a powerful tool, based on a deep respect of the ability and wisdom that we all carry as individuals. The coaching process is built on trust, proximity, direct communication and partnership between the coach and the client. We help you release your potential, find your inner driving force and to follow your inspiration and desires.

We offer individual coaching and coaching for couples and families, as well as management and leadership coaching.

Individual coaching

Individual coaching is for you who wishes to enhance your awareness and self-awareness, which will help you obtain new perspectives and more options. The basic purpose is for you to feel truly great and be comfortable with yourself and others in your life.
Together we will map out your present situation and set goals for the coaching.

Some examples of goals and objectives:

  • Enhance and strengthen your self-image, which will increase self-esteem.
  • Create a better work-life balance and reduce stress levels.
  • Get in touch with your inner potential and drive rather than holding back and being controlled by limiting thoughts, resistance and fears.
  • Improve the ability to handle change and conflicts.
  • Find energy, desire and joy in life.
  • Take care of your health in the very best way.
  • Find your life’s purpose, become who you are destined to be and make an impression in the world.

Couple’s coaching

Couple’s coaching is for couples who want to grow together, make a fresh start or find a conclusion during a separation. Ending a love relationship in a good way is absolutely crucial to how the next relationship will work out. This is important, especially when children are in the picture.

There are those who content themselves with being in relationships that work neatly and evenly, where only the basic needs are met. There is an unspoken agreement not to look at, or deal with what does not work.

Then there are those who do not content themselves with this and are prepared to do what it takes to create a relationship that is respectful, heartfelt and passionate. Are you such a couple? Then our coaching is something for you!

Some examples of goals and objectives:

  • Increase your understanding of yourself and each other.
  • Communicate in a straightforward, clear and honest way.
  • Find your boundaries so that you can both be in the relationship without losing yourself, but rather reinforce each one's strength.
  • Find new perspectives and more choices that will strengthen the relationship.
  • Increase the ability to handle change and conflicts.
  • Find energy, desire and joy together.
  • Deepen and strengthen the relationship so that the relationship becomes heartfelt, respectful and passionate.
  • End a love relationship in a constructive and loving way.

Coaching package

We offer the following alternatives:

  • 3 months 
  • 6 months
  • 12 months

Human Awareness coaches and group leaders

All our coaches and group leaders are trained in, and have extensive experience in, the Human Awareness methodology.

The coaches take on new clients based on availability and have multiple group activities going on, so contact each person directly for more information, conditions, etc.

Coaching takes place both physically and virtually, over the internet, i.e. you can be anywhere in the world.

Some of our very talented coaches (below) are working internationally, with both Swedish and English speaking clients.

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Gunilla Henriksson

Gunilla Henriksson

Diploma Coach
Diploma Group LeaderENSV

Södra Sandby, Lund, Sweden

Gunilla is a certified acupuncturist (traditional Chinese medicine), qigong instructor and healer, holistic masseur, wellness consultant and animal communicator. Gunilla is educated, and has worked in, USA, Spain, China, Norway and Denmark. She has over 20 years of experience in managing groups and now works in her own company, Qinilla, where she is also an inspirational speaker.