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We have helped thousands of people find more joy and satisfaction in life. With us you will go the whole way to better health, success and true happiness! 

"You can stop looking. The course you seek is right in front of you! I wouldn’t want to live another day WITHOUT this! It’s the best thing that has happened to me since my birth! I now see how I create ripples in the water. Among my patients and my colleagues. What has happened inside of me is incredibly big."

A course that gives you the tools to live a life with more joy, harmony and peace.

Human Awareness will change your life forever!


We offer professional coaching through our Certified Coaches. With recognized proficiency in the Human Awareness Methodology, they work with individuals, couples and families, and will help you take powerful steps forward.

  ♥︎ Available in English ♥︎ 




Seize LIFE!

Our very popular 4-day course is a unique opportunity to once and for all let go of what no longer benefits you and to start LIVING LIFE to it's fullest! This is a profound course that you can take individually or together with others whom you wish to create deeper and more inspiring and real relationships with (it’s great for copules). We guarantee that your life and your relationships will change forever!



Personal Leadership 90 Days

A life-changing online program in deep self-awareness for you who wishes to feel truly great, with good health, a high level of life spirit, emotional freedom and deep, meaningful relationships. We help you release your inner drive so that you can live the passionate, wonderful life that you deserve!


 ♥︎ Soon available in English ♥︎