Fredriksborg Hotel

As part of our overall concept, we have chosen Fredriksborg Hotel with great care for our courses and trainings.

You will find our fantastic venue at Värmdö outside Stockholm.


The pleasant and appropriate facility has a secluded location, on northern Värmdö in the Stockholm archipelago, right next to Oxdjupet's water. Surrounding beautiful nature opens up for inspiration, creativity and well-being.

We reserve the entire hotel for our disposal while we are there, which is a great advantage to create optimal peace and complete security.

The accommodation has very good hotel standards.

The food served at our courses is culinary, of the highest quality, organic, 100% plant-based and without sugar, gluten or additives.


All pictures are from Fredriksborg's website,

Find the way

The easiest way to get there is to drive your own car or take a taxi, but you can also go by public transport (see below).

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Public transport

Depending on the season, connections and departure times may vary. We recommend that you carefully check what applies to the dates of the course.

Please use Storstockholm's local traffic website (link below) to find a suitable trip. The nearest stop is "Stenslätten" from where there is about 850 m walkway (gravel) to the hotel.

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