The Book About Heart-Intelligent Relationships...


We are currently writing the next book, which is about creating heart-intelligent relationships.

Have you noticed that most people's lives revolve around connections with others?

It's all about relationships, lover–loverfriend–friend, parent–child, sibling–sibling, teacher–student–parent, manager–co-worker, colleague–colleague and many, many more situations where humans do our best to communicate and interact with one-other.

Sometimes it's successful and sometimes less so.

When relationships work, life can be a paradise and when they don't, life risks becoming a h*ll (replace * with "i" or "e" depending on severity). But we know it doesn't have to be that way, and we want to help you create amazing, deep and genuine relationships. Therefore, our forthcoming book is about relationships, especially love relationships as these are the most challenging.

We work professionally with relationships, group and leadership development, and are passionate about it.

We promise that this book will be loaded with information NEVER heard before, which will help you create truly magical relationships!