Human Awareness Certified Coach Training

Learn our methodology, and become a successful certified coach.

This education is aimed at those who are already working to help people develop and grow, or who have this as their greatest desire and goal in life.


You have probably attended one or more of our courses and know how incredibly powerful the Human Awareness Methodology is...

This coaching is aimed at those who want to work with advanced coaching.

You can also use the knowledge to develop your coaching leadership so you don't have to have the ambition to work full time as a coach.

This education is profound and transformative and gives you the right to titulate yourself a Certified Human Awareness Coach.


This education runs for a total of 9 months. A large part of the theory (Human Awareness Methodology) will be learned through the Personal Leadership 90 Days program, where you work on your own personal development. You must be approved in all areas before starting Human Awareness Coach Training.

The certified coach training consists of three parts:

  • Personal leadership 90 Days (3 months).
  • Intensive training in Human Awareness coaching – theory and practice, self-development and coaching clients (3 months).
  • Continued development of your skills as a coach through mentoring, as well as coaching your own clients (3 months).

You get all the theoretical and practical knowledge you need and learn how to use the tools that will help your clients achieve amazing results. If you are already a practitioner (therapist, coach, manager or leader, yoga or qigong instructor, teacher, etc.), you can integrate the Human Awareness Methodology with your other modalities, so that you can create a concept that is unique to you.

Human Awareness Coach

We teach you all the parts that are part of Human Awareness coaching, which is a combination of Heart IQ coaching and traditional coaching, and we follow the ICF guidelines. This combination is completely unique and produces extremely powerful and lasting results – we have no hesitation in calling it the most advanced coaching available.

You will be part of our proven coaching structure, with theory and exercises, that will help you build a stable and secure foundation where security, openness and honesty are the foundation. You will learn to coach both individual clients and couples.

Theoretical knowledge

From the theoretical part that is part of Personal Leadership 90 Days you have a good basic knowledge of heart intelligence. In the coach training program you will further deepen and learn how to apply this practically.

Practical knowledge

The teachings takes place in a small group that we work closely with. Here you will learn the basics of Human Awareness coaching and apply them practically with direct guidance from us.

You are also assigned an exercise partner. Together, you train yourself on the theory and the practical aspects.

The training includes that you have clients to apply your knowledge on and gain experience.

Build a successful business

No matter how competent you are and how great results your clients achieve, you also need to be able to build a business that leads to profitability. Therefore, important elements of marketing and sales are included. A crucial (and often overlooked) component to success is that you learn to value yourself and what you offer your clients. Through this course you will grow a lot both on a personal level and in your role as a practitioner and entrepreneur.


The training is intensive, but fully possible to complete alongside your regular employment if you are focused and goal oriented.

Prerequisites and requirements

You must be approved in all parts of the Personal Leadership 90 Days program.

It is important that you have a burning interest in personal development and that you want to join and change the world into a place that is pervaded by humanity, love and sustainability on all levels.


To qualify, the following applies:

  • You must be approved in the Personal Leadership 90 Days Program.
  • You must be approved in all parts of the coach training, both theoretical and practical.
  • You must be approved in your coaching skills, according to the requirements for the course.
  • You must have participated in at least 2 occasions of Seize LIFE!


Detailed information is provided when you apply.


The current training for 2020-2021 is ongoing and the next one will start in fall 2021. 

Course leader

Anneli Påmark and Carl Österberg, Certified Heart IQ coaches and group leaders at the highest level, and authors of the best selling book Vägra följa John: Hjärtats intelligens – hela vägen till hälsa, framgång och lycka.

Statements about the coach training program

I have trained as a Human Awareness Coach and Group leader, and love my job! It really touches me in the depths of my heart to be part of the steps my clients take as they begin to follow their heart. It is so powerful and amazing to see how they begin to glow with inner joy and gain a lot of insights and start living to the fullest! Thank you Anneli and Carl for such valuable education!

Gunilla Henriksson

This is the best education I have received. Besides getting a new profession, it has given me so much on a personal level. Anneli's and Carl's guidance has been fantastic, so honest and genuine, and they have given everything to make us truly great coaches. Whether you choose to work as a Human Awareness coach or not, you benefit greatly from this training. I use the skills at my other job as well, especially by communicating with my clients in a heart-intelligent way by being honest and genuine and daring to give straight feedback. I have also made many dear friends among the other coaches, because we worked so closely together during the process.

Eva-Lena Österström