Our Methodology is Unique

The Human Awareness Methodology teaches you how to be heart intelligent. It includes everything you need to live a life in balance with yourself, your peers and our planet. It's like a code lock where all the digits are required to open the lock – we give you the right combination!

In our courses, programs and coaching sessions we use advanced individual and group dynamic which builds on the latest knowledge in deep personal development and psychology. We use the most powerful tools available for enhanced consciousness and self-awarenss.

Focus is not on “fixing” something that is “broken”, but rather on finding and releasing the inner power and strength that all people possess. It's exciting when you discover that what you have considered your greatest weaknesses (your shadows) have transformed into your greatest gifts, gifts that work for you rather than against you!

What keeps you back from living to the fullest has begun in relation to other people, and therefore other people are required to release it. To be together with other people in full acceptance is a fabulous experience, and puts the term 'relations' in a brand new perspective.

The basic purpose of becoming heart intelligent is to find inner satisfaction, calm and joy in all aspects of life – both in yourself and with others – and to live to your fullest potential, the way you want to do it!

We will help every step of the way!

This is something that we're very proud of, and alone to offer.

Your Personal Development – Our Excellence!

Welcome to Our World!

Heart intelligence (HQ)

Heart intelligence includes everything you need to create a fantastic life for yourself, other beings and our planet.

  • Intelligence (IQ)
  • The physical body (BQ, Body Intelligence)
  • Emotions (EQ, Emotional Intelligence)
  • Life energy (vitality, qi, prana, energy body)
  • Intuition (spiritual awareness, a higher self, guidance, gut feeling)
  • Relationship intelligence (RQ), the ability to communicate with other people in an authentic way and to create deep relationships).

Intelligence (IQ)

Intelligence is associated with intellectual abilities, like thinking logically and abstract. A high IQ is equated to high intelligence, but in reality our IQ only tells us that we are good at solving intelligence tests… For this reason the term heart intelligence, HQ, is a much better description of what real intelligence is, as it includes all of the parts that give us a better ability to create a good life for ourselves, all other beings around us, and our planet.

Our intelligence is of course important, however it is only a part of our HQ.

We will teach you how to be heart intelligent!

Body (BQ)

Imagine that you wake up in the morning, full of life and inspiration, and you feel strong and full of energy. You feel good, and the best of all is that you feel even better with each day that passes, because you know that it is you who is affecting your own health. You will understand what is good for you and your body, and it's both simple and obvious.

Would you like to feel like that? It's entirely possible!

We will tell you what strengthens you and what will break down your body.

During our courses we serve ecological, plant-based, culinary and energy-boosting food.

Emotions (EQ)

Most relationship problems are due to a lack of emotional awareness, and this is the reason for contradictions and conflicts.

The same can be said about stress, various types of addiction and physical and psychological problems.

Many believe that it is the emotions themselves that make us feel bad and that are the cause of our psychological problems, but this is a big misunderstanding! It is the lack of emotional awareness that is typically the cause of the problem. It's emotions that aren't being expressed that cause people to feel bad.

During our courses we help you solve emotional blockades and to release what is holding you back.

Life energy

To feel alert, enthusiastic and full of energy always makes life so much easier. This feel-good sensation is what we call life energy, or vitality.

When you develop your heat intelligence you will gradually win back your joy of life and the feeling of excitement in your body which makes you feel truly alive.

In order to experience life energy every day you need to be interested in developing and to want to find out more about yourself and the real you.

Life becomes an exciting adventure!


Why are you here, what do you long for, what is your purpose and what is the deepest meaning of your life in particular? You need to know this in order to feel great. If not, you can easily get lost and look for happiness in places where you will never find it.

As you develop your heart intelligence you will get in touch with your intuition and reach a flow and synchronization more easily. You won’t have to “work and sweat” and you will get more done with less effort.

Through our courses you will see thus synchronization that is always present in your daily life, but which thanks to the group intelligence will become clearer. You will reach clarity and understanding of why your situation is the way it is, and we will give you the keys to take command of your life!

The Heart IQ Method

The Heart IQ Method is an important component in the Human Awareness Methodology, and it’s part of all of our courses, programs and coaching.

The Heart IQ Method is based on presence, acceptance and physicalisation, which means that by getting in touch with your body, your emotions, your life energy and intuition, you can release blocks. This includes role playing, customized forms of gestalt therapy family constellation and much more.

Present moment awareness 

Awareness of the present moment is the first step that we always start with and build our processes around. It’s essential in order to feel and assess your situation – your starting point – before the next step can be taken in a positive direction.

We organize our courses in environments with beautiful nature and secluded areas. This opens you up to new perspectives, great well-being, creativity and inspiration. The silence and calm will help you land and find your presence within yourself.

To be fully present and feel alive with all that it entails is what many have forgotten, or never before experienced. You will experience it with us!

Relation intelligence (RQ)

Human relations are based on the Human Awareness Methodology. It’s about creating deep and real relations, where you can be yourself and the person that you truly are, deep inside. Everything then becomes so much easier. 

We humans are not isolated islands, and a lone wolf is not strong. Together, we are stronger – but this is only true when we have healthy, conscious relationships.

Anneli Påmark & Carl Österberg

We teach you to communicate directly and honestly from the heart. You train yourself to provide feedback and manage conflicts, be vulnerable and open up to other people without going into defense mode. You also learn to set clear boundaries.

You will experience authenticity, intimacy and security on a whole new level, which will change your relationships forever.


When we only communicate verbally and with body language, what we say can easily be misunderstood. This is because even the things that are not expressed between people – feelings, energy exchanges, etc. – are always present in all cases, whether you express them or not. Being aware of this is absolutely crucial to reach the other.

However, when we communicate from the heart, the other person can perceive and feel what is said beyond words. He or she understands what you really want and mean.

We teach you how to communicate in this way and it will make your relationships magical!

Group intelligence

What we call group intelligence is far beyond the mystery of personal chemistry. Understanding the dynamic field and group intelligence are some of the most important keys to creating deep relationships that are open, permissive and safe.

All Human Awareness activities are permeated with in-depth knowledge of individual and group dynamics, where group intelligence provides access to so much more than the sum of each individual's ability and knowledge.

We are experts in group dynamic, and know that people can enjoy each other and even love each other when they meet beyond their filters – the ego – which distorts and limits how they view themselves and others.

Our courses

Our courses and coaching sessions are available both online and live.

All people are born with a natural, inherent curiosity toward life and a yearning to grow – just look at small children – and this remains even as we become adults. But it can be hidden, way in there.

We work in the now moment and focus is not on "fixing" something that is "broken", but on finding and releasing the inherent power and strength that exists in all people.

By going outside your comfort zone you face what is holding you back. You need to have the right attitude and a good deal of willpower, courage and confidence, but you are always richly rewarded!

The basic purpose is to find inner satisfaction, peace and joy in all aspects of life – both within yourself and with others – and to live life to your full potential, just as YOU are meant to do!