Seize LIFE!

Personal Leadership 4 days

Our highly popular 4-day course is a unique opportunity to once and for all let go of what doesn’t benefit you and start living life TO ITS FULLEST!

Our promise: Your life will change forever!

The meaning of life is to feel great and live the way you want!

This is an in-depth course that you can attend individually or together with other people whom you wish to create more inspiring and real relations with (ideal for couples). We guarantee that your life and your relationships will change forever!

Seize LIFE! is the heart of what we do.

Developing as a person is necessary to leading a rich life. This means that you gradually will become more and more of the person that you really are, and that you will view yourself and your surroundings from a different perspective. You will have the opportunity to choose differently and go from words to action, and this course aims to give you a flying start!

Seize LIFE! is holistic and includes both body and soul, with a “detox” from what is holding you back. You will get to be part of experiences that you can’t find anywhere else!

This course can be expanded with the course Personal Leadership 90 days.

Waking up relaxed, happy and with a feeling that the rest of your new life is about to begin, that is so niiiiiiiiiiiiice. I can only thank the invisible force that pointed me to the book written by the course leaders and which led me to a magical course with Human Awareness. My new dear friends, with Anneli and Carl in the lead, have showed me the power of people who believe and love. My newfound insights and experiences inspire inner efforts that I previously didn’t think were possible.

I experience a fantastic limitless state that I wish to remain in. It isn’t necessary to understand, it is enough to feel what can be felt with the help of love. Thank you for my new life, dear friends!

Christer Philipsson

Do you recognize yourself in this?

  • Does it feel like you don’t have the time to live and that life is running away from you?
  • Do you feel that there’s so much more to experience, that you long for, but don’t have access to, such as the love for your children, your partner and especially yourself and life in general? All this that you take for granted, but which really is the most important of all?
  • Are you tired of playing roles rather than being yourself?
  • Do you long for deep, real, healthy and uncomplicated relationships that give you power and inspiration rather than take it away from you?
  • Are you ready and brave enough to take a closer look at how your own behaviour and self-image affects yourself and others?

About the course

Together with others in the group you will release the power WITHIN YOU. This can be achieved by consciously using the group dynamic in combination with what makes each individual unique. This way a new spectrum of possibilities will reveal itself, which in turn gives you the ability to step by step get to the where you want to be in life.

During the course cyber-detox is in effect, meaning no phones, tablets or computers. Many are constantly online and basically never relax or stay in the presence, not with themselves nor with others. And when you let go of these distractions and go full-in during the course you gradually activate your energy flow and energy towards life.

The feeling is indescribable and many have forgotten, or even never experienced, what it’s like to be fully present – and this is what you’ll get to experience with us!

We always assume that people have the power and knowledge to reach their full potential within them. This applies to all areas, from health and relationships to careers and other areas. Regardless of where you are in life you can create more of what you want!

We want to thank you, Anneli and Carl, for a magical course! Your strength, professionalism, humbleness, cooperation, and gentle, loving, humorous, positive, creative, knowledgeable, thoughtful and secure approach makes it… magical! Also many thanks to all of you who were part of the group and who together helped us create a safe place to be in.

It’s incredible how many positive things can come from and keep coming from Seize LIFE! We’re so grateful!

Lena AND Staffan Sundqvist

Sippor, händer

How will your life change?

  • You will experience increased energy and vitality and feel incredibly alive.
  • You will find a new way of relating to fears and defences, which will help you step forward and get to where you want in life, rather than staying with that isn’t benefitting you.
  • You will “land in yourself” and find calm and presence, and your stress levels will be radically reduced.
  • You will strengthen your body through tasty, healthy and ecological food.
  • You will increase your connection the feelings of yourself and others, which in turn will deepen your relationships and make them more rewarding. It’s a new dimension that you will enter and experience during the course.
  • You will slow down, look at your habits and change course in life.
  • You will develop your intuitive abilities and achieve concrete experiences of what synchronisation and group intelligence entails.
  • You will learn to communicate straight and clearly from your heart.
  • You will get an understanding of how your influences have affected your life and can thus dissolve any blockages hindering you from living life the way you want to.
  • You will get to know yourself – your essence – which gives you comfort and helps you stand strong on your own, with clear boundaries and in touch with your own needs, even when there’s a storm around you.
  • You will get a clear experience of the extraordinary ways in which people can work together when everyone is going in the same direction – an unparalleled feeling of group dynamic – and we will show you how this dynamic is created.
  • You will increase your heart intelligence (HQ).
  • When you take a personal responsibility, you will take back control of your life!

This is an opportunity to get closer to the real me, get to know myself better, meet likeminded people who want to experience joy and develop their lives. Good structure, no nonsense, a strong process and 100% presence! A course which must be experienced by everyone at least once in their lifetime!


A fantastic and profound course. I feel that I have found myself again and can be who I truly am! The course has made me more brave and secure in myself! A great arrangement with a varied content to always move forward. Thank you!


Target Group

The course is aimed at those who wish to feel great and develop themselves through increased self-awareness and an understanding of how to work together with other people.

Are you the right person for this course?

Our participants are conscious people with an active desire to affect their own lives and who are ready to take the next step. Those who find their way to us fit into the following descriptions:

  • You have a good reflective ability, meaning you are able to view yourself in a broader perspective and understand that you are 100% responsible for your own life and how you develop as a person.
  • You are decisive and willing to leave your comfort zone, even if it can sometimes feel uncomfortable.
  • You are willing to be honest towards yourself, ready to let go of old habits and blockages, and leave the old tracks behind to steer down a new path which is much more positive and inspiring.
  • You are ready to invest in yourself – time, energy, focus and money.
  • You are curious and open to listening to and holding on to new knowledge, which may not necessarily go hand in hand with the knowledge you already possess – meaning to learn and relearn!
  • You are coachable and open to feedback.
  • You work well with other people and are focused on solutions.
  • You are motivated and ready to get past what is stopping you and to find solutions to your challenges – you have decided that you want a change NOW!
  • You look forward to entering a new phase in your life!

Is this course right for you, and are you the right person for this course? We will find out together! We always hold a personal conversation with those interested to guarantee the highest level of quality and best results for those who participate.


Advance knowledge and requirements

You should have previous experience of personal development, as this course is largely experience-based and very in-depth.

Alternatively, you should have read our book Refuse to Follow the Leader: Heart-Intelligence – all the way to health, success and happiness, and have taken the message to you.

Du får vara med om upplevelser som kräver god förmåga till självreflektion, vilket är en viktig förutsättning för att du ska kunna bidra till gruppdynamiken och din egen utveckling.

You will get to experience things that require a good ability to self-reflect, which is an important qualification in order to be able to contribute to the group dynamics and your own personal development.
Minimum age: 18 years.

You can’t afford not to attend this course. It provides so much love and joy, and the tools to continue your journey at home.


 Magical, liberating, uplifting, unique, warm, soulful … there are many words but none, absolutely none, that can truly summarise and describe the feeling of what I have experienced. I feel so complete, so calm and full of energy. What a journey we have all been through.

I am so thankful to myself for giving me this, so thankful to the wonderful group with all those beautiful souls, and to Anneli and Carl who opened the path between brain and heart. It’s so easy to just think. Now I FEEL again and promise myself to follow my heart and my intuition.



Demand for our courses and classes are higher than ever, and to increase capacity for international participants we are planning to make the course available in English in the near future.

With great care we have selected Fredriksborg Hotel on the northern part of Värmdö in the Stockholm archipelago.

You will get to experience a fantastic environment with beautiful nature and calm, in a secluded location on a hill very close to the sea. The location will open your mind to new perspectives, great well-being, joyful creativity and a flow of inspiration.

The food is of the highest quality and consists of culinary, ecological and 100% plant-based food, with no sugar, flour/gluten or additives.

The venue and surroundings are exclusive to the group which is a great advantage when creating calm and optimal circumstances to the participants. 

Fantastic and content-rich days! Developing and inspiring! I love the concept! 4 days that are worth anything. Wonderful to fully get the space and opportunity to open up your heart and be able to move on in life with love! WONDERFUL!

Great with the food and the fact that it’s so well thought through. A good complement to everything else.


Dates 2020


Start & end times

The course begins on Thursdays at 16:30 (4:30PM) with check-in from 15:00 (3PM) or 16:00 (4PM) at the latest. It ends on Sundays 15:45 (3:45PM).

It is very important that you are able to participate in the entire course, both for your own sake and for the sake of the group dynamic.

Course leaders

Anneli Påmark and Carl Österberg. Certified Heart IQ coaches and group leaders, and authors of the Swedish book Vägra följa John.

You can never imagine the impact that this can have on your life. An incredibly powerful journey which you will carry with you in life like you carry yourself … Magical!

Thank you, Anneli and Carl, for being the people that you are. You inspire in an incredible way!



Registration of interest

We always get in personal contact with those who wish to attend our courses. We are very observant of the group dynamic which is one of the reasons our courses hold such high standards of quality and lead to such powerful results.

Click the button below and fill out your details to go to a questionnaire which will help you map out your current state and goals. The information will be used in accordance with our privacy policy.

We will contact you by phone for a free guidance call, to confirm your goals, expectations, prices, and so on, as well as informing you about how we operate. Together we will also conclude whether the course will give you what you expect.

The courses fill up fast which is why we recommend an early registration of interest.

Note! Demand for our courses is very high and we will only consider applications sent through the form below. Registration is not binding and does not guarantee a seat on the course you are interested in.